Winter Sports

Multipurpose Arenas

Multipurpose Arenas are designed to arrange hockey games, concerts, exhibitions, horse shows, figure skating, tennis, volleyball, basketball etc. All these customer needs will be taken in account during design phase.

In design phase we create the most economical, sustainable technical solutions with latest Clean Tech demands as well to satisfy the budget of The Client’s Investments.

One of the challenges in this kind of large scale architectural designs is to find the overall functionality of the Arena and adapt this functionality according to the requirements of the immediate surroundings.

This Combined functionality will take in account how to move the audience during events, needs of the performers and assistants, needs of all technical and social services and their logistics before and after the events. Outstanding functionality is also the key to change the Settings of the Arena from one event to another in short time.

In our Architectural Works we focus on the success and benefit of the Owners of the Arena.

Ice Hockey Training Halls

BAFO Group offers The Whole Concept to complete Ice Hockey Hall Projects beginning together with customers from sketch design to fully turn key construction phase with best available archtitect and engineering designs with the latest technology on Ice Rink Equipment and Modern Clean Air Conditions for Training and Junior Competetion needs. Hall Structures are from steel or from  laminated wood.

In design phase we look for and create for customer’s needs the most economical technical solutions to satisfy with the budget invested by the customers available.

Often the customers may add other sports linked with Ice Hockey Playing, such as figure skating, dance, tennis, volleyball, basket ball and also small scale swimming pools for swimmig combined with more detailed trainingg programs for Juniors to be planned.

Of course all necessary tribunes, dressing rooms, showers, gyms, saunas and cafes are to be planned for good Training Hockey Hall Complexes.

Indoor Skiing and Skijumping

Indoor Skiing Halls are needed in many Countries to guarantee suitable circumstances for athletes for proper training around the year.

BAFO Group has overall knowhow for Indoor Skiing Hall and Skijumping Hills projects including design, technical planning, refrigation systems, snow making technology and construction.

We have performed Skijumping Hill Projects in Finland according to FIS regulations in order to arrange international skijump competitions for World Cup and World Championships. To mention some of these are Ruka and Lahti Sports Centres.

Cooling Systems

Our expertise in ice ring projects proves our fundamental and profound understanding about the technologies regarding energy efficient and effective cooling. We regard cooling to be an important part of modern building design, regardless the location or building type.

Our designs allow cooling systems to be integrated with other HVAC systems for multipurpose usage. Cooling technologies are designed to be user-friendly, efficient and reliable.

Energy Savings

Savings in energy benefit both the consumer and the environment. Energy saving solutions for a building and process should be thought from the beginning of construction to the demolition of the building. Energy saving solutions should be also implemented for existing buildings and structures. This requires re-thinking urban structures, developing infrastructure, and optimizing industrial development. Energy, heating and cooling demands for a building or process shouldn’t be covered from different energy sources. Instead combined heating and cooling power plants implanted with power plants generating green energy are a key factor for savings in energy bill.

Constructions for Ice Rinks

BAFO dasher boards are designed with maximum player safety secured and for high quality visibility for spectators. Cooling Systems and Ice are working together to allow expansion of Ice and for Dasher Boards at same time giving good flexibility and properties to play safe hockey games in all levels and talents. Key point is to solve expanding joints of Ice by professional reinforcement designs for steel bars and concrete slab for Hockey Rink and especially for Speed Skating rink designs.

We manufacture our dasher boards at RAITA factory, the leading manufacturer in Europe. Experience with us having for several World Championship and Olympic tournaments from 2013-2017 and hundreds of dasher boards exported for numerous countries.

A study headed by IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) has shown our flexible dasher board system significantly decreased e.g  number of head and shoulder injuries sustained by players.

Air Conditioning system is to secure best conditions to play safe hockey in visible conditions for spectators without fog and humidity problems. We manufacture our cooling equipment and dasher boards with professional staff and workers since decades experience by learning all time more.