Mechanical Projects


Heating and Plumbing

BAFO Group provides multiple solutions for heating demands. Our goals in heating design are to find the best possible solution considering everything between building location to life cycle cost. We design buildings to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Companied with waste water systems our heating solutions are designed to use waste heat as a heat source whenever possible. Plumbing and pipes are designed in a way so that they are easy to maintain and are efficient and indiscernible by their users.

Air Conditioning

Functional air conditioning system is a key part of comfortable building technology among with smoke control and air filtration. Air quality control is important part of properly designed HVAC systems.

Functional and well-designed air conditioning should always be paired with proper automation systems. Integrated multifunctional automation system could troubleshoot, locate and fix issues all free from user interference.

We provide expertise in both air quality and safety systems and we are constantly developing integrated ventilation systems to be used abreast of heating and cooling systems. Our ventilation designs emphasis efficiency, user-friendliness, adjustability and reliability

Energy Saving Solutions

Savings in energy benefit both the consumer and the environment. Energy saving solutions for a building and process should be thought from the beginning of construction to the demolition of the building.

Energy saving solutions should be also implemented for existing buildings and structures. This requires re-thinking urban structures, developing infrastructure, and optimizing industrial development.

Overall energy, heating and cooling demands for a building or process shouldn’t be covered from different energy sources. Instead combined heating and cooling power plants implanted with power plants generating green energy are a key factor for savings in energy bill.

Cooling Technology

Our expertise in ice ring projects proves our fundamental and profound understanding about the technologies regarding energy efficient and effective cooling.

We regard cooling to be an important part of modern building design, regardless the location or building type. Our designs allow cooling systems to be integrated with other HVAC systems for multipurpose usage. Cooling technologies are designed to be user-friendly, efficient and reliable.