For completion of different kinds of Construction Projects our target is to combine all needed Design and Planning Works to perform Construction works by BAFO Group’s good designs before starting construction activities at site. Our main focus is to create High Quality Construction Services to satisfy The Clients for long term use of The Buildings with effective maintaining costs for decades and decades.

Savings to benefit The Clients, Society, Nature and Environment should be taken in account in our all construction phases to follow up our Strict Quality Control System 9001 to find solutions in construction process to steer up our Management Staff, Workers and works of The Projects.

We are able to perform Construction Projects either on “TURN KEY“ contracts or on Project Management based contracts to find good solution for both Parties for the Contract Forms to be signed. We prefer first to follow up FIDIC CONSTRUCTION CONDITIONS OF CONTRACTS of civil and engineering construction type works between different countries.

We also work as a member inside FINNISH BUILDING INDUSTY ASSOCIATION to develop new construction management and technics in FINLAND and for EXPORTS with different countries.

Private Houses

Our experience in 25 years’ time in building works for different kinds of Private Houses to Special Customers in FINLAND, Russia, Kasakstan, Ukraine and Latvia has been successful. We have been completed over 200 hundred Quality Private House Projects built by wooden, stone, concrete or steel materials. We are proud to say that we are experts in this kind of works.

  • Premium Stone Block Houses
  • Premium Wooden Houses
  • Premium Log Houses
  • Premium Concrete Houses
  • Renovation of Old Private Houses
  • Own Designs
  • Investments with Partners
  • Experienced Management and Workers

Wooden Constructions

BAFO Group has a lot of experience to design and built demanding wooden structures and log houses, mainly by high quality laminated wood in Finland, Russia, Ukraine and Kasahkstan for following types of structures, constructions and buildings:

  • Ice Hockey Halls
  • Sport Halls
  • Golf Clubs
  • Swimming Halls
  • Log and Family Houses
  • Recreation and Holiday Camps
  • Accomodation Facilities
  • Schools and Churches

Steel and Concrete

We are able to provide and lead Heavy Concrete works with high educated, experienced engineering Staff to understand demanding Projects to carry out with short construction time schedule. One of this kind of Project we completed In Helsinki for Russian Embassy with good results by in situ concrete casting forms.

Normally we built factory produced concrete elements for housing needs by our BAFO Group Designs, such as for apartment and housing buildings.

Our staff is highly experienced to create steel frame buildings together with Clients to achieve most economical and cost effective buildings especially for WINTER SPORT type buildings to benefit the Clients for long term run in maintenance and running those king complexes.