Energy and Environment

Water Strategy

Purified Water and Pure Water Sources are a key element to Energy Efficient Systems. Most purification processes generate Waste Heat that could be implemented using the methods previously mentioned.

Along with purification progress Ground Water Mapping and Charting Existing Ground Water Reverses and generating Artificial Ground Water Systems are a key in designing Multifunctional Purification and Energy Producing Facilities.

A design to secure Surface Quality for Purification, Protection Zones between lakes, rivers and agriculture combined with supply system estimations also emphasis the Multifunctional Water Strategy.

Water Supply Technology

Clean Water Systems

  • Ground water mapping: Existing ground water reserves
  • Artificial ground water system development
  • Securing surface water quality for purification
    • Protection zones between lakes, rivers and agriculture
  • Supply system according to estimated population growth

Waste Water Systems

  • Purification plants integrated to energy production facilities where possible
  • Biogas for energy
  • Quality requirements?

Efficient Energy Solutions

Energy Saving Solutions

Savings in energy benefit both the consumer and the environment. Energy saving solutions for a building and process should be thought from the beginning of construction to the demolition of the building. Energy saving solutions should be also implemented for existing buildings and structures.

This requires re-thinking urban structures, developing infrastructure, and optimizing industrial development. For example, instead of dumping your waste to landfill, it should be turned into energy in high-efficient waste to energy (CHP) power plants.

Overall Energy, heating and cooling demands for a building or process shouldn’t be covered from different energy sources. Instead combined heating and cooling power plants implanted with power plants generating green energy are a key factor for savings in energy bill.

Multi-Source Energy System

Energy System should include heat recovery from water, ventilation and sewage systems and modular heat recovery from other processes such as server rooms or other heat generating sources. This combined with ground source and water source heat pumps for heating and cooling purposes and solar, wind and bio energy for electricity production ensures self-reliant and clean energy production.